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How to Freelance

Description One of the many ways you can make money off your technical skills is to branch off on your own and freelance. Freelancing and running your own business can be a very rewarding and fulfilling life with exciting projects and

Excel PivotTable Quick Tips

Description Excel PivotTables–which allow you to quickly calculate and analyze large amounts of data–are one of the most powerful features of Microsoft’s ubiquitous spreadsheet tool. But many users have only a basic understanding of how

Working with Excel: Level 1

Description As an Instructor, that originally started my teaching career showing students Office Applications and of course Navigation of the Operating Systems almost two (2) decades ago, I decided to make this

Power Automate Quick Tips

Description If time is money, how much is a healthy dose of automation worth? With Microsoft Power Automate, you can set up automated workflows to handle routine tasks, you can create instant apps to speed up your productivity, and

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