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Zoom has worked its way into the professional and social lives of millions. In this course, staff instructor Garrick Chow goes over the fundamentals of this popular video conferencing tool, explaining how to host, attend, schedule, and collaborate in Zoom meetings and webinars—both on your laptop and mobile device. Garrick begins by showing how to set up your Zoom account and adjust audio and video settings (as well as choose fun virtual backgrounds and filters). Next, he walks through how to host your own meeting and participate in meetings scheduled by others. Garrick covers how to use a variety of options during meetings such as how to control another participant’s computer to easily troubleshoot issues, create breakout rooms, provide nonverbal responses, and more. Finally, he offers tips for scheduling and hosting your own Zoom webinars.

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    We recognize the importance of providing our faculty with essential training and resources for teaching online. Teach Online contains the latest information on course design, professional development, and educational resources for faculty. Let us keep you in the know and up to date on the latest advancements in teaching online. You know your subject matter, and we know how to help you deliver it online. Explore CDL Services and see how CDL can help you design, enhance, Zoom Edition (TLC-z), Zoom Essentials will focus solely on the features of Zoom. The time commitment for completing Zoom Essentials is estimated to be between 2-4 hours. The course is self-paced, online, and not facilitated.

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