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Self-managed VPS | Host WordPress site and flutter web app | Opensource WordOps and Virtualmin control panel | Firewall

The course is designed to manage Virtual Private Server for a beginner. Mainly the course is focused on easy and understandable platforms to manage your Virtual Private Server. Unmanaged Virtual Private Server gives you the limitless possibility of customization. But you should know how to manage the Linux VPS purchased.  Managed VPS is easy to use, but it is costly. So unmanaged VPS is the best option.

For those who are using shared hosting and need more control over your website, this course will be helpful to explore the speed and customization possibilities in VPS hosting.

VPS has a great advantage, that it can completely be managed by you. So that you will have an unlimitted possibility of customization. In this course, you will learn to deploy  WordPress websites and Flutter web app to the virtual private server.

Topics covered


Select a hosting plan


Purchase domain name

Purchase a VPS

Pointing VPS IP address to domain

Change hostname


Operating system installation -Ubuntu OS

Connect to VPS using SSH


WordOps installation

Create WordPress website and update SSL certificate

Basic firewall settings

WordOps- update and maintenance

Login and update WordPress website

Remove WordPress website

WordOps Experiment


Reinstall OS

Virtualmin installation

Configure virtualmin

Create virtual server

Load SSL certificate

Package update

Add new website

Install WordPress

Delete a virtual server


Deploy Flutter web app into the virtual server

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Those who are looking to improve website speed on self managed server
  • Hosting WordPress website VPS
  • Hosting Flutter web app on VPS


  • Computer with decent internet connection
  • Willing to purchase a basic VPS plan (4 $- 10$)

Last Updated 8/2021

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