SQL Server 2019 : Administration SQL Server Part 2

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This course brings together two of my courses on the Udemy platform which are :

  • SQL server : Configuring and modifying a database on SQL Server
  • SQL server : The complete course on Indexes (4 h of class)

The first chapter will talk about the index :

You have problems of slowness on your SQL servers, and you suspect the implementation of your indexes?

You haven’t set up indexes on your tables, because you don’t know the differences between a clustered and a non-clustered index? 

In this first chapter, come and discover the importance of a good index setup on your tables, don’t go on a spending spree buying disk storage, when it may be the index setup that is wrong!

It’s simple, indexes are the first reason, of your performance improvements on a SQL server.

The training in detail:

  • The structure of a clustered and a non-clustered index.
  • The Table SCAN and the Table SEEK
  • The covering index and Why you should not index the whole table (Over indexing).
  • Remove duplicate indexes, and see the definition of a SINGLE index.
  • Remember to consolidate indexes, and the columnstore index.
  • Beware of filtered indexes and their associated cache plan, and see what is the term SARGABLE?
  • How to choose the right Clustered Index
  • Why fragmentation is important, and how to remove it
  • Tracking page splits and the FILLFACTOR definition
  • Rebuild Index Vs REORGANIZE and the ABORT_AFTER_WAIT option
    The second chapter will talk about the configuration and modification on your database :

Do you know that a bad choice of your AUTOGROW of your DB, can lower your performance on your server? 

And yes it’s not a myth ?

In this course we will see that it is possible to enable a myriad of options, when creating a DB on SQL server.

This course aims firstly, to make you discover these options, and then to help you avoid the pitfalls when activating certain options.

So why watch this chapter ?

  • Changing the parallelism (MAXDOP) of a DB
  • Creating, configuring and modifying a DB (Creating a DB by attaching a file etc…)
  • Learn the utility and activation of the Query Store
  • Learn the use and activation of the BROKER service 
  • The impact of changing the owner of a DB
  • What is TARGET RECOVERY Time? 
  • And many other modules in this 2.5 hour course.

Why get into SQL administration?

  • SQL is one of the most actively sought after skills in the job market.
  • Administering SQL Server today is a full-time job.
  • In addition, SQL Server, by its simplicity, allows you to quickly gain skills on specific subjects.
  • If you are a Tech Lead, a developer, a future DBA, or any other profession that will tackle SQL, then this course is for you ?
  • I also made sure that the videos were no longer than 10 minutes, so that it wouldn’t be too boring ?

Look at the average of my other courses (4,4/5), and you will see that my courses are quality courses ?

Who this course is for:

  • Future Database Administrators (DBA)
  • Students who want to get started on SQL


  • Installation of SQL server on his station + management studio (SSMS)

Last Updated 5/2021

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