Python Django 2021 – Complete Course

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About this course

Ready to learn Django? In this course we will start from the very basics of what Django is to completing and deploying a fully functional website.

The website we will build as we learn will be an online platform where developers from around the world can create a profile and share their work with others.

Who is this course for?

While this course is Beginner friendly, all skill levels can learn here. We wont just be learning the basics, we will be applying what we know to add awesome site features like messaging other users, leaving comments and rating projects and so much more. This course will leave all skill levels with a new load of knowledge and different approaches of completing tasks.

For those who are more advanced and maybe have already built out a few applications, you can simply skip through or fast-forward to get to the “good stuff”. In the second half of the course we will work on a voting system, messaging, sending emails and even building out an API. Even if you have done these things already you can see a new approach and build an awesome website in the process.

Is Django the right framework for you?

Python is one of the worlds top programming languages, Django is the top framework for python, I think that says it all. While I can see the appeal to a more lightweight framework such as flask I think Django will be the right choice for you in most every case. Great for beginners to have structure and plenty of modules/packages to work with and highly customizable for more advanced developers. I think with companies such as Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify and Udemy using Django, that should be plenty enough proof of its capabilities and credibility.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers looking to build websites with django


  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS & Python

Last Updated 6/2021

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  1. Илья says

    After two years as a lead developer and combined 7 years of freelancing, Dennis started his YouTube channel (Dennis Ivy) to teach others everything he learned as a self taught developer and has courses on Udemy and his own platform. With a primary focus on Python, Django, JavaScript, React and Postgres, Dennis teaches his students from the very basics all the way to building out complex applications while combining several different technologies.

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