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Transaction fees are too high on the Ethereum mainnet.

Ethereum 2.0 is going to save us, but we will have to wait before it’s ready. In the meantime, Ethereum L2 scaling solutions will provide the scalability that we need.

Among these Ethereum L2 scaling solutions, Polygon (formerly Matic) is the leading project. More and more Blockchain apps are being developed on Polygon, and as a Blockchain developer, it’s time to get up to date.

PRE-REQUISITES (Only need to know the basics)

  • Basics of NodeJS
  • Basics of the command line
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • ERC20
  • Truffle
  • Required software:
    • Code editor (ex: Visual Studio Code)
    • A terminal (for Windows users, you can use the bash emulation of gitforwindows)
    • NodeJS
    • Truffle
  • Works on Windows 8/10, recent versions of Ubuntu & MacOS

Are you excited to learn about Polygon?

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Polygon Development.zip (1.2 GB) | Mirror

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