PHP Registration Form, Email Verification & Responsive Email

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Registration Form is a compulsory part of any dynamic website, in this course, we are going to create a PHP registration form with email confirmation, forgot password, and responsive email template. They should be responsive it will open on desktops and mobile devices and it’s very awesome besides that we will learn some more advanced PHP stuffs as well which are tags feature, profile image upload with the custom avatar, and much more. This course is for PHP beginners, you just need the basic knowledge of PHP and we will cover Object Oriented Programming fundamentals in this course we have a separate section for Object-Oriented Programming. For database communication, we will use PDO(PHP Data Object) which is a modern query language. 

Why should I take the course?

Because in this course you will learn Object-Oriented Programming from scratch, and after we will create a project with Object-Oriented Programming as well besides that you will also learn modern CSS.


If you have any issue regarding the course you can ask the question in the QA section.

What you will learn?

  • HTML & CSS Build eye catch UI
  • Object oriented programming fundamentals
  • PDO (PHP Data Object) fundamentals
  • Database library, form validations library & email library
  • Responsive email template

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who knows PHP and is looking to upgrade their skills


  • Basic PHP Knowledge is required
  • You don’t need any experience with object oriented programming

Last Updated 12/2019

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