Numerical Methods in Python Programming

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Numerical modeling is a very powerful branch of mathematics. It is capable to solve very complex problems using very simple techniques.

It is a branch that can differentiate and integral without the need to use any of the sometimes complex differentiation and integration rules. It can create best fit models with just knowing a data set. It can create functions where the only thing we know is its derivative and a condition. And best of all, it can generate approximations that have such a low percentage error that they are as good as the true value. 


There is a limitation to numerical methods. They depend of iterative calculations. If for example you want an approximation with a low error, for example 0.001%, this will require a large amount of calculations which can be sometimes impossible to do by hand not to mention tedious. This is where programming comes in.

In this course I will walk you through not only the workings of each technique but a step by step process on how to program each of these techniques and preform hundreds if not thousands of calculations with a click of a button using one of the most popular programming language – Python.

The great thing about programming languages is they all follow the same programming structure, sequence, repetition and decision making. Meaning, if you know one language  you can learn another very easily by just knowing how these structures are defined in the new language.

In this course you’ll have a very good grasp of these structure so if you decide to learn another language afterwards it will be very easy.

Who this course is for:

  • Students enrolled in their first numerical Methods Class and interested in additional mentoring
  • Students interested to learn the most common Numerical Methods Techniques used in science and engineering
  • Students interested in understanding how to program and create Numerical Modeling Techniques


  • Computer & Access to Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledge of basic Algebra, Geometry & Calculus Concepts
  • Knowledge of basic Python Programming

Last Updated 8/2021

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