Mastering Tailwind Css With Real World Projects

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Tailwind makes writing CSS easier and lets us customize our designs faster than any other CSS framework. If you want a CSS framework that has pre-built components, then Tailwind may not be for you. Tailwind will be a lot of fun if you want a CSS framework that allows you to design quickly and customize your site.

While the ways in which we work on the web evolve over time, every now and then, a true game changer comes along. The utility-first approach of Tailwind 3 throws out many of the traditional approaches to building projects on the web, allowing you to create a complete and unique website without writing a single line of CSS. In this course, shows how Tailwind CSS 3 offers a lightweight but sophisticated framework for styling content on your sites and apps through labeling with appropriate class names.

Discover utility-first features with techniques vetted by a Tailwind power user. Find out how to modify, customize, and manage content as you build the layout of your pages, adding Tailwind and specifying its use on the HTML elements of each page. Along the way, get tips from Ray on leveraging Tailwind plugins to control your text, classes, designs, line clamp, and typography according to specs.

As an example, and as a course projects, you will build a Instagram clone,Google clone,Github clone and Twitter clone .

What you’ll learn in this course ?

  • How to use Tailwind classes
  • Make good looking designs
  • Why Tailwind is different/better
  • A fun and methodical design process
  • Creating common components

What Will I Get ?

  • Why is Tailwind different/better than others?
  • How to use Tailwind classes
  • Design attractive layouts.
  • A fun and methodical design process
  • Creating common components
  • How to customize Tailwind
  • Extending Tailwind

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build fun and professional projects is welcome


  • Basics of HTML and CSS

Last Updated 9/2022

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