Master Unity and C# By Developing 5 Super Mario Games

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In this course we will use Unity and C# to develop 5 Super Mario video games:

  • Dance Dance Revolution – Mario Mix
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Sunshine (Jetpack Joyride style)
  • Super Mario Baseball
  • Super Mario VR (for Google Cardboard)

Here are some more details on each of the games we will develop:

Dance Dance Revolution – Mario Mix

  • 3D game development
  • Animated start screen
  • In-game audio
  • 3D dance animations
  • Rotating disco lights effect
  • Pattern timing and coordination
  • Android and iOS

Super Mario Bros.

  • 2D game development
  • 7 levels
  • Enemy AI including:
    • Goomba
    • Koopa
    • Flying Koopa
    • Dry Bones
    • Cheep Cheep
    • Blooper
    • Mr. Blizzard
    • Frost Piranha
    • Bowser (boss fight)
  • Items and Power-ups including:
    • Fire Flower
    • Red Mushroom
    • Mega Mushroom
    • 1up Mushroom
  • PC and Web

Super Mario Sunshine (Jetpack Joyride style)

  • 3D game development
  • Infinite Runner / Sidescroller style
  • Enemy AI:
    • Petey Piranha
    • Bullet Bill
    • Bowser
  • Power-ups:
    • Mini Mushroom
    • Mega Mushroom
    • Metal Armor
    • 1up Mushroom
    • Fruit
    • Super Star
  • Android and iOS

Super Mario Baseball

  • 3D game development
  • Mario sports style game
  • Waluigi is up to bat, Kritter is pitching
  • Tap the screen to hit the ball
  • Android and iOS

Super Mario VR

  • 3D Virtual Reality Game Development
  • Google Cardboard SDK for Unity
  • Main Menu that uses gaze tracking
  • 3 levels

By the end of this course you will have 5 Super Mario games you developed in Unity using C# and have an intricate knowledge of the Unity game engine that you can use to develop professional quality games and content for your portfolio. Are you ready to master Unity game development? If so, then in the words of our favorite plumber dressed in red, “Here we goooo!”

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to build 5 awesome Super Mario games in Unity using C#
  • Anyone that wants to gain mastery of the Unity Game Engine
  • Aspiring game developers that want to build professional quality games for their portfolio
  • Video game fans that are curious how to build Super Mario Games


  • A computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • Basic knowledge of Unity and C#
  • Google Cardboard for VR Section (Optional)

Last Updated 7/2022

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