Master the Photo Manipulation – Photoshop advanced course

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I’m a digital artist, instructor, and a YouTuber. I’ll guide you through his class on creating an engaging photo manipulation design using Adobe Photoshop. In this course, I’ll be sharing many useful techniques and best practices I have been using in my own work. This workshop is a very effective way to improve your Photo manipulation skills with an emphasis on working with type.

Here are the steps that we will follow:
1- Putting images together

2- Correcting the light values to get the depth

3- Matching the color saturation of each image

4- Matching colors of each image to match the other images

5- Adding haze effect

6- Adding Light and shadows to blend objects

7- Adding the final look and color grading

For this class, basic familiarity with Adobe Adobe Photoshop is recommended.

Using the same images, try to create a better concept with different color modes and share it with us.

Nour designs is essentially made for enriching online content of graphic design, Our focus is to transport our practical knowledge and experience in this field in an easy and illustrative way. This is done by making tutorials on how a specific design made and what is the concept idea behind each design. I hope you enjoy watching it!

Who this course is for:

  • digital artists
  • graphic designers
  • Photo retouchers
  • concept artists


  • Basic Photoshop Knowledge is needed

Last Updated 9/2022

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