Introduction to Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles technology is being increasingly viewed as   revolutionary technology as revolutionary as the internal combustion engine technology of the last century. Electric vehicles are either pure electric or hybrid electric vehicles.Hybrid electric vehicles are the ones which uses two or more sources of energy the popular type being the one using engine as well as electric motors.This course discusses both the hybrid electric vehicles as well as purely electric vehicles.Students are expected to get a good and interesting introduction to electric vehicle technology.This course is a beginner level course and can be easily understood by anyone interested in automobiles .No special knowledge or competence is necessary to attempt and earn a certificate for this course.Since the future is of electric vehicles students getting insights from this course would become more employable .The course includes battery technology and electric motor technology such that students would appreciate the significance of the two in electric vehicles and understand how they replace the conventional engines like gasoline and diesel engines. Whether electric vehicles are polluting or clean ? This isn’t a simple question to answer .But the interesting lecture on environment nd electric vehicles in the course helps us to understand the well to wheel efficiency and get insights about the environmental impacts of electric vehicles vis a vis the engine vehicles.

Who this course is for:

  • Students curious about Electric Vehicles


  • No .Anyone interested in automobiles or environment can benifit.

Last Updated 3/2021

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