Introduction to Android Reverse Engineering

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As android security is trending nowadays, it’s very necessary to learn about reverse engineering Android applications. This short course will give you a firm foundation to start your journey in android reverse engineering. Firstly, we will be covering some of the most used tools in android reverse engineering. Then we will move on to topics like decompiling, understanding smali and patching applications, etc. You will learn to extract the decompiled source code and understand the working of the application.

Unlike other courses, we won’t be wasting half of our time setting up labs. we will be diving straight into our topics. Similarly, I won’t be wasting your time by explaining unwanted kinds of stuff and theory which don’t do any help This is a highly practical course so we will understand mostly everything reversing our custom-made crackme applications rather than just looking at theory and slides.

Unlike earlier days, many applications are built using react native and flutter. So we will Reverse flutter and react native applications too. We will be also reversing .so objects using tools like Ghidra.

After learning completing this course I’m sure that you develop the foundation to reverse, understand and patch basic android applications. You will be able to do basic android reverse engineering challenges.

NOTE: This is an ongoing course remaining contents will be added weekly

Who this course is for:

  • CTF Players
  • Bug Hunters
  • Security Enthusiasts
  • Anyone who’s interested in Android Reverse Engineering


  • Some programming background is assumed
  • Windows PC

Last Updated 2/2022

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