Increase Your Mobility Challenge

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Develop greater control in your yoga practice—and as a result more freedom of movement in daily life—with this three-week program. In the first two weeks you’ll focus on mobility exercises for your shoulders, spine, and hips. In week three, you’ll explore both traditional and non-traditional yoga transitions and sequences, and revisit some of the mobility work you’ve been introduced to along the way.

Before the program begins, Nam teaches you a CARs (Controlled Articular Ranges) practice, a five- to ten-minute daily sequence for joint mobility. You’ll warm up with relevant sections of these exercises at the beginning of the mobility classes, and Nam recommends that you do them daily during this program. 


  • Week one: two hip classes, one shoulder class, and a meditation session
  • Week two: one shoulder and spine class, one spine articulation class, and a recovery/self-massage session 
  • Week three: three vinyasa classes—Stability Flow, Deep Hip Flow, and Finish Line Practice

Every class ends with a complete savasana so you can fully let go and allow your body to integrate the effort you’ve made and the work you’ve done. 

Have fun with this challenge! Nam designed it to help you become more actively and mindfully aware of the important role your joints play in creating a sustainable yoga practice—which means you can continue to have fun on your mat for years to come!

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