Hair Braiding Course for Beginners – Learn 7 Basic Braids

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This course is designed for cosmetology students or hairstylists that are looking to expand their braiding skills. We created this course as a way to incorporate braids into your styles and help you create updos with more style and texture. Understanding braiding will not only make your updos look more stylish but they will also make them faster.

More and more clients are asking for braided techniques to be incorporated into their special event updos, and if you don’t know how to braid you will be stuck doing 90’s style updos that are outdated.

This course will teach you everything you the fundamental techniques of braiding including all basic braids,

You will learn the basic version of these 7 braids:

1.Rope Braid
2. Classic 3-Strand Braid
3. Reverse Fishtails Braid
4. Classic French Braid
5. Fishtail braid
6. The 4 -Strand Braids
7. Infinity Braid

If you enjoy these video tutorials and you are ready to take your braiding to the next level then you can sign up for the FULL course. The full course contains over 70 tutorials and progress to harder braids and more beautiful and complete braided styles! 8.5 hours of content that will have you braiding like a master by the end!

Who this course is for:

  • Cosmetology Students
  • Hairdressers
  • Hairstylists
  • Makeup Artists


  • This course was designed for hairdressers who want to master their braiding techniques for use in styling and updos.

Last Updated 4/2020

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