Gino’s Java 8 and 11 Certification + Interview Guide

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Master some of the most confusing concepts from scratch, for Oracle’s Java 8 and 11 Certification Exams.

Are you looking for a genuineup-to-date course that provides simple & easy to digest lessons on complex scenarios of Java 8 ( Exam 1Z0-808 and Exam 1Z0-809 ) or Java 11 certification exam 1Z0-819 ? 

But wait. What about interviews?

Good news !

For the first time in udemy’s history, this is an all-in-one course that covers programming, certification and interview questions, in-detail, and is up-to-date for 2021.


This course discusses interview aspects of 14 chapters with best practices described, wherever applicable. ( Read below for complete list of topics covered in this course )

These important chapters are covered in great detail, from Java 8 and 11 exam perspective.

What you get?

  • Full HD lessons, recorded in professional studio.
  • 200+ lectures.
  • 21+ hours of content

You also get active instructor support. This is not a udemy course where students are abandoned and left stranded. We take great pride in responding to queries and are active in the forum answering EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. No matter how trivial or how advanced your query, we got you covered 

Hi Good Morning, Thank you so much for providing such information related to Lambda and Function interface. Today I have cleared the 1Z0-819 Java SE 11 Exam. There are 3 questions related to functional interface and Lambda expression. Your Course helps me to choose the right answer. Thank you so much”

In this course, we inspect some of the most important chapters where students usually face difficulties when preparing for the real exam. These chapters are taught in great detail, and there is rigorous coverage from the exam’s perspective.

Because of the heavy emphasis on the exam’s objectives, this course covers several topics that perplex students and are usually brushed aside or skipped in standard courses and books.

There’s a lot covered but here’s a quick summary of what you will learn when you enroll in this course:

  1. Strong foundations
    1. Tricky scenarios with main method that stump students in exam.
    2. Common programming errors
    3. var args
    4. Interview questions discussed in detail
  2. Tricky aspects of Datatypes from exam perspective, in detail.
    1. Integer and floating types in detail
    2. Practise tricky questions with zero, integers and floating numbers
    3. How to solve questions on number systems
    4. char datatype
    5. Interview questions
    6. Escape sequence in  detail and solve tricky questions
    7. Boolean datatype
    8. Keywords, identifier rules for exam, variables and constants
    9. Using underscores with numbers
  3. Exam oriented coverage of operators
    1. Arithmetic, Relational, BItwise and Logical operators in detail
    2. How to solve tricky questions on each of these operators in real exam
    3. Interviews
    4. command line args
  4. Learn how to solve loop based questions
    1. In depth coverage of if, if else, switch, break, continue
    2. Watch how to solve tricky questions on loops and if else conditions in exam
  5. Classes and Objected
    1. Object vs Classes
    2. Tricky aspects of functions
    3. How to invoke instance & static methods
    4. Interviews
  6. Master packages and access specifiers ( in-depth coverage)
    1. Best ways to create, compile and run package based programs (imp for exam)
    2. Practise Tricky questions on Access specifiers with members and classes
    3. Tricky rules of protected access specifier ( imp for exam )
    4. Interviews
  7. All about Constructors, static and non-static
    1. static vs instance (data + methods) + Rules to remember for certification exam
    2. Constructors and parameterized constructors
    3. Type Promotion (imp for exam)
    4. constructor chaining
  8. Inheritance and Polymorphism bible
    1. All basics covered
    2. Solve tricky scenarios of constructors combined with inheritance
    3. Overloading
    4. Overriding
    5. Decoding Method Hiding
    6. Hiding Data
    7. Interviews
    8. Compile time and Run time behavior of polymorphic calls
    9. How to detect/prevent ClassCastException
  9. Abstract class vs Interface (Including Java 11 updates)
    1. in depth coverage of abstract class and interface
    2. Why interface ?
    3. Mystery of constructors
    4. Interviews
    5. Solve tricky questions on abstract classes and interfaces
    6. Interface improvements (Default, static and private interface methods_
  10. Welcome to Java 8 party ( Lambda and Method Reference in-depth analysis )
    1. Practise tricky questions on functional interfaces
    2. Why Functional Programming ?
    3. Practise tricky questions on lambdas
    4. Confusion of void compatible Lambda + Practice questions
    5. Local variable vs Instance variables with Lambdas
    6. Exam rules for Method Reference with void methods and non-void methods
    7. Method Reference for static and instance methods
    8. In depth coverage of Method Reference on parameters
    9. Constructor Reference + Practice questions
    10. Interviews
  11. Java’s inbuilt functional interfaces
    1. All the basics covered
    2. Tons of solving practice questions on Predicate, BiPredicate, Supplier, Consumer, BiConsumer, Function, BiFunction, UnaryOperator, BinaryOperator interfaces
  12. Arrays and Strings
    1. Visualizing multidimension arrays
    2. Arrays of primitives vs objects
    3. Pass and Return arrays to methods
    4. Solve practice questions on Java’s Arrays class
    5. complete coverage of strings
    6. Interviews
    7. String Constant Pool
  13. Collections framework
    1. Common methods + Java 8’s methods of Collection Interface
    2. Traversing Collection<E> before and after Java 8 ( Best way for interview also discussed )
    3. ArrayList, LinkedList, Set, Map
    4. Interviews
    5. Queue
    6. Deque
    7. When to use Map over List, Set, Queue
    8. Traverse key and values of Map individually ( Java 8 included )
    9. Traverse key and values of Map as pairs ( Java 8 included )
    10. Entry interface
    11. Java 8’s methods
  14. Modular Programming ( Java 9 )
    1. Best way to structure a modular application
    2. Interviews
    3. Deploying modular project into a jar
    4. Transitivity
    5. module-path vs class-path
    6. Modular dependencies with Jdeps
    7. imp command line options
    8. Live demo of ServiceLoader and ServiceProvider in a modular application
    9. Types of Modules ( includes module path vs classpath discussion )

“I am a teacher preparing my students to take a certification in Java and I was looking at this course for inspiration. I intend to have my students work through this course in addition to the normal class work as I found it better in some way than the preparation the school purchased for us to use. The explanations are simple enough that even people with little/no Java experience can understand without “dumbing down” the information”

If you’ve enrolled in our previous courses, you know the high standards we set. This course is no different.

All our courses provide:

  • Extremely high quality professional tutorials expressed in articulate English
  • Intelligently designed curriculums that simplify complicated topics, and present them in an easy-to-remember manner.

Java is rapidly changing. If you are in serious need to upgrade your java knowledge, this course is your best bet.


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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner newbies to intermediates
  • Those who want to upgrade their java knowledge
  • Students/Working Professionals preparing for java certification


  • No prior certification experience needed.
  • Sincerity, Patience and Hard work will help you get the best value out of this course

Last Updated 10/2021

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