Getting Started With Golang

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Go (or Golang) is a very modern, performant and popular programming language which you can use to build applications, scripts, automations, web servers and APIs and much more!

Go was originally invented and developed by a team at Google and whilst Google still heavily uses Go, it’s now also very popular outside of Google. Golang regularly scores top placements in Stackoverflow surveys: In 2020, Go was the 5th most loved language according to the Stackoverflow survey.

Hence there was never a better time to get started with go and in this course, you’ll learn all the key fundamentals of Go in great depth, step by step and from the ground up.

NO prior Go knowledge is assumed and you will of course learn all key concepts with both theory and practical examples, demo projects and exercises. After finishing this course, you will understand how Go works, how to write Go code and which features Go has to offer. Of course we’re also going to build multiple demo projects throughout this course!

In detail, this course will teach you:

  • What Go is and how it works
  • The general Go syntax and rules
  • Key basics like working with values & variables
  • All about Go’s value types, how they differ and how you use them
  • How to write functions with Go
  • “Special features” like multiple return values in functions
  • How to organize your code into packages and modules
  • How to work with third-party modules
  • How to run and build Go programs
  • All about controlling code flow with conditionals and loops
  • More complex data types like structs
  • Collection value types like arrays, slices and maps (+ how and when to use them)
  • A highly understandable explanation of “Pointers”
  • Deep dives into values & variables
  • Advanced function concepts like “Recursion”
  • Detailed information about “Interfaces”
  • Embedding of Interfaces and Structs
  • All about concurrency, Goroutines and Channels
  • And so much more!

This course doesn’t assume any prior Go knowledge and will turn you into a Go developer in a matter of hours!

I’d love to start this journey together with you! 

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