Forecasting the Sales using Time Series Analysis in Python

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Many of us have heard it that statistics is one the next jobs that is coming up in the career opportunities (this fact is vouched by even Hal Varian). Almost five years Tim O’Reilly said that data is the next big thing to happen in the world. But what exactly is data and why is it so important? And why is there so much importance being given to statistics and data in the world today? The web is full of apps that are driven by data. All the e-commerce apps and websites are based on data in the complete sense. There is database behind a web front end and middleware that talks to a number of other databases and data services. But the mere use of data is not what comprises of data science. A data application gets its value from data and in the process creates value for itself. This means that data science enables the creation of products that are based on data. This training is an introduction to the concept of statistical concepts that are very important to Data science domain and its application using Python.

Python programming language is one of the most powerful programming languages and due to its robust nature, it is being welcomed by the organizations to get their platforms developed. All across the world, there is a huge demand for python developers who have good experience in the advanced aspect of python. The developers with hands-on Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Python are preferred over the developers who would have merely worked with the simple concepts of python. If you are willing to learn Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Python, you are at the best place and you can opt for this course in just a few clicks and give an amazing turning point to your career.

This course comprises all the modules or subjects that one must master to work effectively with Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.

At the beginning of the course, you will get to learn about the fundamentals which is the most essential thing that one should know to complete this course.

You will get to know about all the topics that are directly or indirectly concerned with the topics that we are focusing on in this course.

In the mid part of the course, you will come across various advanced-level topics that will help you to implement all the concepts of data science and ML with the help of Python. You will be able to help the businesses as soon as you complete the course. You will also be able to draft the solution for any sort of analysis and forecasting based problems.

Who this course is for:

  • The professionals, trainers, and the students could be the best target audience for this course.
  • The developers or professionals who have good experience in Python or any other programming language and want to learn the implementation of Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Python can be the best target audience for this course. They will be learning everything from an advanced perspective that will help them to get a deep understanding of the subject.
  • The students who are working in Python and want to learn about analysis and forecasting can also be the best target audience for this training. They will be able to learn things from scratch. The educators can also leverage this course to learn more so that they can serve their trainees best.


  • The very first thing is a good understanding of Data Science. Since this course is focused on a topic that is a part of Data Science, it is required from the trainees to possess a good understanding of this technology. If you are having good exposure to data science, you will find it very easy to work with the advanced aspects of this course.
  • The next important thing is Machine learning. We have included units and projects in this course that is solely based on Machine learning. If you have a good understanding of the concepts that fall under the court of ML then it will be very easy for you to understand the related concepts.

Last Updated 6/2021

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