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In this intermediate Linux skills training, you’ll walk through everything you need to know to master Linux, including real-world examples of how to apply your open-source skills and knowledge.

There’s no better way to learn Linux than simply jumping into the command line, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do in this Linux training. With this Linux training you’ll master Linux in a practical way. Work alongside this Linux training in your own virtual lab as you familiarize yourself with all the pieces of the most popular platforms on the planet, from the bootloader to the kernel and applications.

For anyone who manages systems administrators, this Linux training can be used to onboard new systems administrators, as a Linux reference resource, or curated into individual or team training plans.

Everything Linux: What You Need to Know

For any systems administrator looking to improve their proficiency with open source platforms, this Linux course cover these topics:

  • Scripting with editors, BASH shell scripts and intermediate commands
  • Authenticating with SSH, ssh-agent, tunneling and BASH loops
  • Managing all aspects of the root account
  • Installing hard drives and mounting/unmounting local filesystems
  • Configuring fileservers (RAID partitions, LVM, NFS3, NFS4)
  • Installing, configuring and deploying Apache and Apache tools

Who Should Take Everything Linux Training?

This Everything Linux training is based on administrator-level Linux training, which means it was designed for systems administrators. However, this fundamental Linux commands can be used by both new and experienced systems administrators.

New or aspiring systems administrators. If you’re a new system administrator, you’ll need to eventually master Linux commands and operations. Unless you plan to spend your entire career outside of the open-source world, you’ll want to master the use of Linux as early as possible. This training will familiarize you with all the pieces of the most popular platforms on the planet, from the bootloader to the kernel and applications.

Experienced systems administrators. Systems administrators with a few years of experience will have seen after a few years in the job how valuable open source skills have become. There’s no reason to think that trend will end, so if you’re not completely confident in your ability to manage, execute and configure Linux systems, now’s the time to get this training, which will train you in everything there is to know about Linux commands and operations.

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