DS4B 101-P: Python for Data Science Automation

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Python for Data Science Automation is an innovative course designed to teach data analysts how to convert business processes to python-based data science automations. The course is founded on two driving principles:

  1. Companies are transitioning repetitive business processes to automations to reduce errors, improve scale, and make data products available on-demand.
  2. You (the student) will undergo a complete transformation, learning the in-demand skills that will empower you to help automate business processes for your organization.

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  1. Пётр says

    Business Science University DS4B 101-P: Python for Data Science Automation Free Download. Automate Business Processes with Python BI Professionals : Analysts that are using Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau that would like to take their skills to a whole new level

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