Django 101: Django for absolute beginners

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Welcome to Django 101: Django web framework for absolute beginners! 

Django is one of today’s top web development frameworks, written in Python. It makes coding a website very quick and easy, and keeps it secure. Django is 100% open source, but don’t let that fool you — Django has been used to create websites and apps like Instagram and Pinterest — some of the highest trafficked and most used websites today.

Why learn Django web framework?

.. Because Django is an in-demand web framework. And because Django is powered by Python, one of today’s top programming languages, it can do anything a super powerful software program can do. 

And also because Python and Django developers earn more as professional programmers (remember: always learn what’s in demand; don’t learn something just because the internet says it’s “cool”)

Two ways to learn Django:

1. Function based or,
2. Class based.

Function based is very simple but doesn’t leverage the power that comes with Django. Admittedly there’s less “magic” happening with function based views, which is sometimes nice. 

Class based leverages all of Django’s power. It lets you write less code and do more with it. It’s incredibly powerful. In this course, we’re using Class Based code because that’s what the professionals are using. My job is to prepare you for real-world web development

Who is this class for?

Absolute Django beginners. But be warned — you NEED to know Python in order to write Django. This is very important. And there’s an added emphasis on Python classes, because we’ll be writing a lot of those.

What will you learn? (Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of these are!)

  • Class based views
  • Django model management
  • Template parsing 
  • Django forms
  • List and Detail views
  • Dynamic URLs for your website 
  • Creating a new Django app from scratch
  • How to use Pipenv for your virtual environment 
  • Uploading images
  • Creating image thumbnails 
  • Using a 3rd party package
  • And so much more

Who is your teacher?

Your teacher is Kalob Taulien — he’s been writing Django websites for 4+ years now. Python’s #1 content management system called Wagtail CMS — Kalob is also a part of that core team. He’s trained and personally mentored developers to become good enough to secure a job as a professional web developer.

What is your project?

In this class you will be creating a brand new Django-based website where you can share images from your computer on your website. Basically, we’re creating a basic form of Instagram.

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