Design of Solar Water Distillation System (Solar Energy)

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Welcome to your Course “Design of Solar Water Distillation System (Solar Energy)..This course gives you the basic fundamental understanding regarding the Design of SolarWater Distillation System (Solar Energy)..

The Course is design for the students, professionals who wants to clear the fundamental understanding of the “Design of Solar Water Distillation System (Solar Energy)”..

Outline of the Course:

  • Introduction to Solar Water Distillation System
  • Working of Solar Still
  • Advantage and Disadvantages of Solar Water Distillation
  • Water Properties and Purificatio
  • Classification of Solar Distillation SystemSingle-effect Stills
  • Multi-effect Stills
  • Double Basin Solar Stills
  • Wick Stills
  • Multi-wick Stills
  • Diffusion Stills
  • Tube type Solar Still
  • Active type Solar Stills
  • Design Objectives Of Solar Still
  • Problems with solar stills
  • Parameters affecting on Solar Still  Performance
  • Basin of Solar Still
  • Side Walls of Solar Still
  • Top Cover of Solar Still
  • Condensate Channel of Solar Still
  • Black absorber of Solar Still
  • Insulation and Sealant of Solar Still
  • Problem Statement and assumptions
  • Solar radiation falling on Site using PVGIS Software (Monthly andDaily GHI)
  • Useful Solar radiation considering Solar Still Efficiency
  • Litres of distilled water produced per day per square metre
  • Total area of the solar distil to fulfil the requirement
  • Amount of Feed Water Requirement: (Brackish/Saline/Sea Water)Selection of Solar Still and Solar Still Array
  • Calculation of Simple Payback Period
    This course covers the well fundamental understanding of the Solar Water Distillation System field. And i am sure it will definitely help the students, solar business persons and those who are enthusiast to learn the course 

Who this course is for:

  • Solar Business Person
  • Solar Investors
  • Solar Entrepreneurs
  • Solar Installers
  • Solar Industry Person
  • MBA Students
  • Mechanical Students
  • Electrical Students
  • Solar Sales Person
  • Solar Water Distillation System


  • Pen, Notebook, Calculator and Laptop
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Onwards
  • Curiosity about knowledge in solar field
  • Enthusiasm to learn

Last Updated 3/2022

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