Create Collages That Tell a Story | A Procreate Class

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About This Class

We’ve all seen a digital collage or two, but the question I want to ask you is, when you see these pieces, what story do you feel that they tell? See, collages can be so much more than random cut and paste imagery. They can speak to someone’s history, they can represent all that someone loved deeply, they can be a timeline, or they can be simply emotive. Working in a way that expresses exploration to put feelings and stories into art is essentially the definition of embracing the journey AS you create, rather than being so concerned about the final result. Staying present through the process keeps us connected to our creative process, and I want that for you.

In this class, we’ll be exploring the steps to building a collage with purpose. I’ll be using the Procreate app on the iPad Pro, but you can use any software of your choosing. (If you’re wanting to follow along but create analog work, not to worry, I have tips on how to do so!) Not only will we be playing with unique compositions, but we’ll also exploring how working digitally can allow us unlimited options to make our pieces really stand out.

We’ll be covering:

  1. Sourcing royalty-free imagery
  2. Building out a collage with purpose
  3. Researching meaningful additions to include
  4. Framing out a scene
  5. Working in layers
  6. Isolating objects
  7. Manipulating elements
  8. Taking advantage of blend modes
  9. Utilizing the power of color
  10. Along with 2 bonus collage styles to try at the end

When you’re finished with the class, you’ll have a unique-to-you piece that you’ll feel a deeper connection to. This class is for anyone looking to break outside the box of the day-to-day and allow yourself to play. You ready for permission to play? Let’s play!

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