Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2021: Beginner to Advanced!

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Welcome to Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2021: Beginner to Advanced!

This Ethical Hacking tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Ethical Hacking. Our Ethical Hacking tutorial is developed for beginners and professionals anyone can take this course.

The ethical hacking tutorial covers all the aspects associated with hacking. Firstly, we will learn how to install the needed software. After this, we will learn network hacking, gaining access, website hacking, Server-side attacking and Client-side attacking.

In-network hacking section, we will learn how networks work, how to crack Wi-Fi keys, and gain access to the Wi-Fi networks. In the Gaining access section, we will learn how to gain access to the servers and personal computers. In the post-exploitation section, we will learn what can we do with the access that we gained in the previous section. So we learn how to interact with the file system, how to execute a system command, how to open the webcam. In the website hacking section, we will learn how the website works, how to gather comprehensive information about website. In the end, we will learn how to secure our system from the discussed attacks.

Environment Setup

This section is very important for hackers who want to polish their skills. In this section, we will learn how to make our own hacking environment which will help us to perform attacks on our own hacking environment without any worrying.

Linux Command Line

In the section, we will learn what is Linux operating system distributions. Mainly this section teaches you how Linux works and what are the main important command that we use inside the Linux terminal. It is very important for a hacker to have Linux skills because Linux has lots of distribution and there are some distributions which totally dedicated to penetration testing and hacking.

Networking Basics

Networking basics are very important for a hacker because every attack that we would perform is with the help of a computer network. Networking basics are very important for network penetration testing and hacking because in this section every thing is about networking so in this section we will learn the basics of networking.

Network Penetration Testing

After completing the network basics it is very important to keep things in mind because in-network penetration section we will learn about how to perform real-world network hacking. This section is totally dedicated to network penetration testing and hacking, here we will learn key cracking, fake authentication attack, and many more things.

Server-side Testing

This section is going to be fun because in this section we will be learning about server-side attacking which is very important to learn the skill if you want to be a hacker. The Server-side is the place where juicy data about the user, the system takes place so that makes it just for the hacker to have the skill of hacking the server-side.

Website / Web Application Hacking

In this section, you will learn how websites work, how to gather information about a target website (such as website owner, server location, used technologies ….etc), and how to discover andexploitthe dangerous vulnerabilities to hack into websites.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning ethical hacking
  • Anyone interested in how hackers hack computer systems
  • Anyone interested in how to secure systems from hackers

Notes: This course is created for educational purposes only, all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against systems that I have permission to test.

Who this course is for:

  • Ethical hacker
  • Cyber security learners
  • Penetration testers
  • Programmings
  • Coders
  • Network penetration testers
  • wep application penetration testers
  • wifi hacking
  • system-side attacks
  • client-side attacks
  • IT professionals


  • Internet Connection & Computer (4gb RAM or more).
  • No programming or hacking knowledge required.

Last Updated 5/2021

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