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Women Self Defense

Description Master Wong is known for his directness, no messing around and effective techniques. And that’s what this women self -defence course is all about. In this course you learn to use simple and very effective techniques to

Wing Chun Biu Jee

Description The Master Wong Bui Jee course is the complete foundation in the Master Wong Wing Chun system. This is the first of 4 Modules, each featuring over 100 EASY TO UNDERSTAND training videos GUARANTEED to teach you everything you

7 Days to Mindfulness

Description Bring mindfulness into your daily life and shift your perspective with this 7-day meditation journey. This collection of classes will help you create a more positive relationship with yourself and explore how meditation can

Mindful Eating

Description Mindful eating can fuel your body and mind to ensure that you have a productive day. This course from Chill Anywhere can help you integrate mindful eating habits into your daily life. The course begins with intention setting

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