Building Applications in PowerShell

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In this 22-video, entry-level training, CBT Nuggets trainer Trevor Sullivan covers the knowledge systems administrators need to harness PowerShell’s potential and build your own applications to do management for you, automate otherwise redundant tasks and pull data from your network.

Assuming you’re not already using it, the odds are excellent that you’ve at least heard of PowerShell. In the IT world, there aren’t many tools that are as ubiquitous and powerful as PowerShell is. Many sysadmins know the PowerShell commands that can automate some redundant tasks or access user information on their networks. But the strength of PowerShell really shines through with writing custom applications that do that work for you.

This Building Applications in PowerShell training will show you how to write programs that do all the heavy lifting of automating business-critical tasks on every Windows PC across your organization’s wide area networks.

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