Blender For Absolute Complete Beginners

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So you want to learn Blender, but 3d can be hard..No; 3d IS complex!

But this course makes it simple.

You will learn the basics in a casual and fun environment.

Thank you for checking out my course. I am so glad you chose to watch this video.

Way back in 2009, I first heard about this fantastic new 3D app called BLENDER. You could create 3D models, and it was FREE!

At the time, there was primarily expensive software, and that wasn’t in my budget.

Blender is easy to learn, and everyone is learning 3D. It’s the future! So I downloaded it and opened it up and right away got to work making 3D models and…Okay, I didn’t do any of that!

I saw the interfaced and said, “WHAAAAATT is this? What am I looking at? What do I do?”

I closed it and never opened it until a year later. That year turned into a yearly ritual of me saying, “This year, I will finally learn 3D”.

It seemed impossible, and when something seems impossible, you’re not motivated, and you don’t want to do it. I said things like, “I just a 2d artist, and I can just draw whatever I need” or “3D is not my thing, it looks cool but” or my favorite “I have no reason to learn 3D.”

But I secretly knew the power of 3D and how it could speed up my workflow, and I knew that other 2D artists used it all the TIME. But that feeling and was leading me to negative self-talk and all that. That’s the reason it didn’t “Seem worth it.”

But I did learn it. I knew the basics first, and it took me a few months, but I did. And now I want to help you learn Blender.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn modeling basics step by step
  • Learn some basic sculpting techniques
  • Understand Blender and its Interface
  • How to work in Object and Edit mode
  • Learn a few essential addons
  • Have full access to me (Your instructor)
  • Get the basics down so you can move on to other courses

Also, when Blender Updates to version 3.0, I will be making the updates to the class.

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners to the world of 3D
  • Everyone who wants to learn the basics of Blender
  • 2D artists that want to add 3D to their work
  • Anyone who has tried blender before but felt like they failed (You didn’t)
  • Anyone who felt lost when trying to learn Blender in the past
  • Everyone who wants to learn enough to finally get started modeling
  • Anyone who has gotten confused by the technical jargon in 3D
  • Anyone who enjoys a step by step accessible approach to learning


  • Patience, an open mind and the willingness to laugh (at me mostly)
  • Understand that we all make mistakes and it’s 100% normal

Last Updated 10/2021

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