Big Data Visualization Toolkit (Tableau, Alteryx, QlikSense)

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**This course bundle includes practice exercises and downloadable data files**

We live in a world where data dominates. If you want to get started with Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, then this Big Data Toolkit Bundle is a good place to begin. This HUGE Toolkit includes three full courses aimed at helping you become a big data expert inTableau Desktop, Qlik Sense, and Alteryx.

Tableau is one of the best data analytics and business intelligence tools available. In this course, we introduce you to this powerful, market-leading tool and get you started building your very own visualizations. This course focuses on Tableau Desktop and is aimed at people brand new to Tableau.

Qlik Sense is an impressive BI and data visualization tool. In this comprehensive course, we teach you how to become a Qlik Sense designer and make the most of this powerful software. This course is the perfect starting place if you have experience with data analytics in Excel and are looking to move to Qlik Sense.

Alteryx is quickly becoming a popular tool to help people make sense of the volume of data produced by businesses each minute. In this beginner course, we show you how to get started with the Alteryx Designer and help you become an Alteryx developer. We assume you have no prior knowledge of Alteryx and start at the very beginning with this course.

Tableau Desktop

What you will learn:

  • What Tableau is and the product suite
  • What business intelligence is
  • The Tableau interface and its major functions
  • Which data structures are suitable for Tableau
  • How Tableau reads and categorizes data
  • Different data concepts and theory
  • How to connect and manage data sources in Tableau
  • How to navigate the Tableau workspace
  • How to build a view and different chart types in Tableau
  • How to create a dashboard in Tableau
  • How to publish and share a workbook
  • How to use calculated fields in Tableau
  • How to use numeric, string, conditional, and analytical expressions/functions in Tableau

Getting Started in Qlik Sense

What you will learn:

  • The difference between Qlik Sense and Qlik View
  • How to load data in Qlik Sense
  • How to create and upload apps in Qlik Sense
  • All about the different charts and graphs available in Qlik Sense
  • All about Tables and Pivot Tables in Qlik Sense
  • How to create your analysis in the Story Telling tab
  • About numeric and string functions in Qlik Sense
  • How to use the date and time formatting functions
  • How to use Conditional Functions
  • How to combine tables using JOIN, KEEP and CONCATENATE
  • How to use different charts and tables
  • How to use the Qlik Sense Geo Analytics tools (maps)

Introduction to Alteryx

What you will learn:

  • How to use Alteryx workflows to cut out repetitive tasks
  • How to build visual workflows in Alteryx
  • How to make the most of ‘Favorite Tools’ as core Alteryx building blocks
  • How to filter data in Alteryx
  • How to use the basic functions in Alteryx to match data
  • How to dynamically rename datasets
  • How to parse data in Alteryx
  • How to create reports in Alteryx that run on demand
  • How to use the predictive tools in Alteryx to perform data analysis
  • How to build a k-centroid clustering model using Alteryx
  • How to build a logistic regression in Alteryx
  • How to build a decision tree-based regression in Alteryx
  • How to build a random forest-based model

This course bundle includes:

1. 18+ hours of video tutorials

2. 100+ individual video lectures

3. Exercise and Instructor files to practice and follow along

4. Certificate of completion

Who this course is for:

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Anyone looking to turn raw data into meaningful business outcomes using Tableau
  • Beginner Alteryx users who are looking to get started in the Alteryx Designer
  • Anyone wanting to learn to master Qlik Sense
  • Anyone interested in data visualization


  • Access to Tableau Desktop will be helpful but not necessary
  • Alteryx downloaded and installed (ideal but not essential)
  • A good understanding of Microsoft Excel (ideal but not essential)
  • An understanding of data analytics
  • Access to Qlik Sense (not essential, but recommended)

Last Updated 10/2021

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