Basics of GIT – Source code management and version control

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This course has been created for the beginners to start their programming life with an understanding of source code management and version control. Due to popularity of GIT, industry wide this tool has been accepted for above purpose. Our target will be to understand the basics and develop right understanding from the begning.

What you will learn from this course

  • Install And Configure Git
  • Build Rock Solid Foundation In Git And Learn Key-Related Concepts.
  • Step-by-Step Guide Through Entire Git Workflow
  • Manage And Updating Files With Git (Move, Rename, Delete)
  • Revert/Reset Project To Previous Version’s
  • Creating gitignore File To Exclude Files And Directories
  • Collaborate And Share Projects Using Git And Github
  • Learn to inspect Git repository using status and log checks .
  • Learn GitHub and how use and manage the web based Git repository .
  • Learn how to perform Git comparisons between various sections of a Git repository .
  • Learn basic file management in git bash environment .

When we work with GIT, Mostly people uses GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket for remote repositories. We will not go in depth amount these SAAS solutions and there are dedicated course available if you want to lear those. But our focus will be to under the GIT protocol and will be limited to this.

This course will be freely available to the learner’s and we require your feedback and reviews to understand what you think is missing and need improvement in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Mobile App developers
  • Web App developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Beginner PHP
  • Beginner JAVA


  • Basic knowledge of operating systems

Last Updated 12/2021

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