Angular Fundamentals

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When it was first released, Angular turned the world of front-end development upside down. It was one of the first modern JavaScript frameworks, and the Angular team has never looked back—it just keeps getting better and better. Built with TypeScript, a powerful language that compiles to pure JavaScript, Angular takes advantage of futuristic language features to make coding faster and easier, and it uses all the latest best practices and standards for front-end app development. Angular is also a great platform for building cross-platform mobile apps!

If you want to master Angular for web development, this course is a great place to start. Follow along and you’ll learn all of the fundamental building blocks that make a modern Angular app, up to date with the latest build. You’ll learn how to create all of the main parts of an Angular application, including modules, components, services, directives, and pipes. You’ll also see how to work with the CLI, write unit tests, and build for production. Along the way, you’ll build an entire app from scratch to practice what you’ve learned!

Published 4/2018

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