Android Firebase Masterclass – Master Google Firebase

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What you will learn in this course Android?

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Firebase and all of its benefits, and then apply that knowledge to your Android applications.

Specifically, you will be able to create Android Applications that use Firebase Features and learn how to use Firebase’s full drop-in Authentication Solution which includes Google Sign-in, Facebook sign-in, Twitter sign in and many more!

You will also become proficient in all core Firebase features such as Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage, Cloud Messaging to name some. You’ll master the art of problem-solving in programming using an efficient, proven method and learn how to write high-quality Kotlin code.

In addition, you will learn detailed aspects of the Firebase Android SDK using the Kotlin programming language and how to write Advanced Android applications.

Although the courses focus is primarily on Kotlin, there is a section dedicated to Java developers.

If you want to become an expert in Android using the Firebase Platform, then this is the course to enroll in.

Throughout the course, you can always contact your instructor Jason Fedin personally to get help when you’re stuck. He regularly checks the discussions to help you in every step along the way.

Also, this course will be extended and refined in the future based on student feedback as Jason places a lot of value on the feedback of his students.

Who is the course aimed at?

This is not a beginners course.  It’s assumed you have Kotlin and/or Java experience either by taking a course like the  Learn Programming Academy’s Kotlin for Java developers or Java Masterclass courses on Udemy, or equivalent courses.

Additionally, because the course is Android focused, it’s assumed that you have an understanding of how to build Android applications. Either by taking one of both of the Learn Programming Academy’s Kotlin or Java Android courses, here on Udemy, or equivalent.

Students and or commercial developers with knowledge of Kotlin and/or Java and Android who want to learn how to apply Firebase into their applications will get a lot from this course.

Getting started

If you are ready to get started, click on the enroll or Add to Cart button on this page and start taking your Firebase skills with Android to the next level.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is not for beginners – You should have some experience in Kotlin and/or Java and Android app development by taking courses on these topics from the Learn Programming Academy (or other similar courses).
  • If you’re someone who’s well-versed in Java and Kotlin and would want to take your Android application skills up a notch, then this course is for you!


  • Previous Kotlin and/or Java experience (consider the Java Masterclass, Java Crash course and/or Kotlin for Java developers courses from the Learn Programming Academy).
  • Previous Android app development experience (taking the Android Java and/or Android Kotlin courses from the Learn Programming Academy).
  • A PC, Mac or Linux computer

Last Updated 1/2021

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