Allen Bradley PLC Training | PIDE Programming & PIDE Tuning

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Learn how a PIDE loop works in independent & dependent mode with a simple & easy trainer that you can use anytime you want to practice. We also use the first section of this course to teach you how to program a PIDE loop in function block & why it is important to have the PIDE loop in a periodic task.

From programming a PIDE loop from scratch to building a trend & why using a trend is important for tuning in manual tune, also to see how a PIDE is responding in normal operation. This trainer has been proven to share deep knowledge with anyone who attends & is also designed to save you time by keeping the video length short & to the point.

We give you the HMI screen & the logic downloads to make learning easy.

It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Key things that are included:

  • Program a Function Block PIDE Loop
  • Set up an Easy To Understand Trend
  • Manual Tune a PIDE Process Loop
  • Auto-Tune a PIDE Process Loop
  • Download the Trainer for Your Own Use

All video content zooms in to give an easy view of the screen where it is important to see along with highlighting areas as well. We have placed easy-to-read notes in the videos for extra guidance.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to learn PIDE process control loops


  • Willing to learn, have a laptop or desktop computer

Last Updated 7/2021

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