Advanced Pandas

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Learn to handle complex data-sets and analyze your data in a principled way with Pandas. This course will teach you advanced parts of this library, including handling higher-dimensional data, time series, window operations, joins, and plotting.

What you’ll learn

At the core of practicing effective data science is a thorough knowledge of data analysis tools, and among them, Pandas is one of the most popular. In this course, Advanced Pandas, you will learn the skills you need to perform data analysis that is effective and full of useful insights. First, you will learn how to prepare your dataset for a smoother experience. Next, you will discover how to perform database-style joins, work with higher-dimensional data, analyze time series, and apply window operations. Finally, you will explore how to present the data by generating informative and appealing plots. When you’re finished with this course, you will have an advanced understanding of the Pandas library and the knowledge that will help you as you move forward and grow as a professional data scientist or analyst.

Last Updated 7/2018

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