Adobe Camera Raw 12+ | Master Editing in ACR

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Master editing in Adobe Camera Raw (Version 12+)! Everything you need to know to use ACR like a pro. From the new interface to all the tools, and hidden tools are covered.

Photos included to use as you learn how to use ACR to edit your RAW (or JPG) files.

Need to process your RAW files and not sure where to start? No worries. Once you’re done with this class you’ll know how to use all the editing tools in ACR.

You’ll start from scratch by understanding what ACR is and isn’t, how to setup Preferences for maximum productivity, and my number 1 question from students…

…where does editing start? You’ll find out inside!

Oh, and also share my personal editing workflow I’ve used on hundreds of weddings + thousands of portrait sessions. Take this workflow as a starting point and develop your own workflow based on your needs.

Now, finally, we’ll dive into Camera Raw to discover what Profiles are + how to use them, how to read the Histogram to guide your editing and learn what all the sliders in the Basic section do.

Once you have those covered, we’ll begin working on more advanced types of edits with the Curve tool, how to sharpen images properly, how to target specific color channels, and how to use Split Toning for creative edits.

Next up are the Optics + Geometry tools for fixing your images, how to retouch in ACR, how to do custom edits, and more.

Also, we can’t forget about creating HDR images/edits and Panoramas!

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